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Our Advantages

Blended Direct Marketing Campaigns

Our direct marketing campaigns create a blended experience for the consumer who will be canvassed by a mixture of new media and traditional methods. The consumer is encouraged to self-serve and browse at a time convenient for them. They do this by going online and discover more about the product and how it benefits them.

Selling online empowers the customer to make choices and tailor their contract to meet their own specific needs. It also adds trust providing compliance and regulators with a transparent and auditable log from start to finish.

Typical Campaigns

We can provide innovative and compliant strategies to engage and convert customers.

Engage and Convert Customers...

New Customers

Customers who have bought a product or service that would benefit from insurance to help protect the new asset.

Extended Warranty

Our campaigns promote an extended warranty option for customers who’s original manufacturers warranty is about to expire

Lapsed Customers

Contact old customers with GDPR compliant wake up calls to re-engage with your brand

Loyalty, Retention, Value

Working with you and your data we can create modern interactive marketing campaigns.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team has considerable cross-sector experience in delivering complex Marketing projects and initiatives on time and in budget.

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